To create and implement science backed innovative advertising, publishing, marketing and communications solutions that meet our clients’ varied business goals.

What We Do

A quarterly magazine that covers the manufacturing sector’s heart and soul.

A go-to publication featuring trade news and the latest business trends in the industry.

Seeking to venture into manufacturing, or to interact with other players in the industry or you are just curious enough to know how things are made, this magazine is just what you need.

Our principal objective is to enhance your style, identity and objectives into a unique, recognizable and appealing brand identity. We’ll not only make you visible out there but we’ll also help you reach out to your targeted customers through;

  • Developing your unique, recognizable and appealing brand that best describes you and what you stand for.
  • Designing and publishing your company’s in-house magazines, annual reports, newsletters, journals, marketing materials and business directories in print and electronic form.
  • Branding your motor vehicles, printing and labeling on garments and apparels.
  • We’ll commit to offering high quality cost-effective crisp offset, screen and digital print outcomes. Our print works include Calendars, Diaries, Labels, Publications, Cards, Marketing and Promotional Items and Packaging Materials.


You need not worry about where to get that precious data that will make your future clients. We will develop, collate, and sort your prospects’ data for ease of use by your business development & sales teams.

Drawn from all leading economic sectors within the East African region, this data will be specifically mined and sorted in line with your requirements.

Need to manage your social media activities, improve or create a website for your business? We provide unique innovative, strategic and interactive state-of-the-art e-marketing solutions such as;

  1. media campaign strategies,
  2. search engine optimization (SEO),
  3. social media marketing (SMM),
  4. e-mail marketing, content management system (CMS),
  5. domain registration and hosting,
  6. website design and maintenance,
  7. website content writing and web portal development.

Are you a trade or business members’ association and you’re wondering why your members keep resigning? Can we share with you the secret to increase your membership? Our diverse experience and interactions with different business sectors places us in a distinctive position that enable us offer growth and retention support to both business and trade associations. We carry out diagnostics and offer the associations’ solutions that help to build strong value proposition and ultimately increase membership.

This is done through among others;

  • Scoping exercise for prospective members and approach them for recruitment
  • Direct marketing to prospective members
  • Conducting members’ satisfaction surveys

We have developed a customized business tool that simplifies the way you manage your business. M-Pamoja is our prized Members Management Portal for managing members’ records for associations, clubs, societies and boards.

To help you reach a wider market, we have consistently established a solid working relationship with the finest and most influential local and international media firms that operative within 35 countries.

We work seamlessly with you to create a bespoke advertising plan that fits your specific budget and objectives.

We design, brand, print & manufacturer self-adhesive labels, Stickers and Packaging Materials such as;

Pricing Labels, Industrial Labels, Water Labels, Pharmaceuticals Labels, Food and Beverages Labels, Agricultural Labels, Stickers, Product Labels, Digital Labels, KEBS Stickers, Pest Labels, Food Labels, Wine Labels, UCR Labels, Oil & Lubricants Labels, Flower Labels, Cosmetic Labels, Shampoo Labels, Beverage Labels, Juice Labels, Shrink Sleeve Labels, Bottle Labels, Beer Labels, Packing Labels, Beauty Labels, Health Care Labels, Horticultural Labels, Export Labels, Import Labels, Sheet Labels, Fruits & Vegetable Labels, Void Stickers, Tamper proof seals, Thermal Labels .