Since 2004, we have published the Kenya Manufacturers and Exporters Directory in collaboration with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM). The Directory is widely distributed among leading private and public sector organisations in the EAC and COMESA, as well as in all countries where Kenya has diplomatic missions.  The Directory is available both in Print and on CD. To be listed in this product, a company has to be a member of KAM. Any other company is however welcome to advertise in this cutting-edge product. It can also be accessed through:
Since 2009, we have published the EABD annually in collaboration with the East African Business Council (EABC)The directory lists enterprises that are incorporated in any of the five EAC Partner States including Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, and are members of either the EABC or any of its member Associations.  Advertising is open to enterprises or anyone wishing to explore business opportunities in the EAC region. It can also be accessed through:
Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) Directory
We publish the CTI Annual Business Directory in collaboration with the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI). The directory gives up-to-date information and showcases quality products and services of CTI members. The CTI Directory is available in both print and on CD. It can also be accessed through CTI website:


What We Do

With a network of over 30 leading newspapers in Africa, we manage media buying and Ad Placement within set timelines and at very competitive rates.
In partnership with reputable private sector organizations in the region, we publish periodically magazines, newsletters, journals & annual business directories in both print and electronic format.
Graphic Design
We offer extensive design services to help our clients produce Ads, publications and a wide range of corporate communication materials.